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Herbal Henna

Sanjivani Herbal Henna contains a special blend of top quality henna and rare herbs like as reetha, amla, shikakai, neem, chandan , kattha, coffee santra and any more.

Available Size: 50gms, Code: MP - 001A

Herbal Henna

Available Size: 100gms, Code: MP - 001B

Herbal Henna

How to use?

  • Saak henna for a minimum 2 or 3 hrs in a luke warm water.
  • Perferably use iron container for seaking if dark tint is required.
  • Apply in small sections of the head and comb through.
  • Allow to remain on hair for 2-3hrs. if a deep tint is required.
  • If using as a conditioner rinse off after 30 minutes and shampoo.

Main Benefits of Herbal Henna include: a completely natural product and which doesn't have any side effects at all. Herbal henna is also a comparatively cheap product as compared to the commercially available hair care or skin care products. Herbal Henna Powder by Micky Products is manufactured using the latest and safe Power manufacturing facilities in a highly hygienic lab. This Herbal Henna can be used at several places and for applications such as a hair color or a hair dye, in traditional Indian weddings, skin care, making natural colors and during any special treatment.

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