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Neutral Henna


Neutral henna is a powder made out of neutral henna leaves after sorting, grinding & sieving from the henna fields. It is very good for hair treatment as it prevents hair fall & makes it naturally strong . As the name itself defines that it gives only nourishment & conditioning not colouring , neutral henna does not give any color effect.

The conditioning properties of henna are so strong & effective that treatment with 'neutral' henna is popular. Neutral henna deposits a minute but a highly reflective, cellophane like coating on each hair shaft.

This results in a brilliant shine that reflects the many colours that are already in the hair. The cuticle of the hair is smoothed by the sealing action of neutral henna giving it a polished look. Also with its application the hair get protected from the sun & air pollution, its regular use improves texture and adds shine.

Code: MP - 009

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